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Backup fifth wheel RV - with Swift Hitch WiFi Camera SH04

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Customer Question:

I need a back up camera to attach to the back of my 37' fiberglass fifth wheel to assist in backing into a very narrow storage space. It is a blind right hand turn that is very tight with two metal posts on each side of the storage space. I will use it infrequently but want the best camera that will deliver a reliable picture. The sh04 appears that it might be the right product as I have both a tablet and large screen iPhone to use as the monitor but I am concerned about potential interference which I read about in some product reviews. I can find no information on the sh04 as far as user experiences and no dealer seems to sell it which also makes me nervous. Can you give me a product recommendation along with any needed accessories. And can you tell me what your return policy is if the product does not meet my needs?

Swift Hitch Answer:

 According to your description, I think our SH02D and SH04 shall both fit for your need. Both of them are using digital technology and has not interference issue. SH02D used Frequency Hopping technology (FHSS :, SH04 used WiFi technology. SH02D need stand alone monitor to work with camera, SH04 need iPhone, iPad to work with camera. SH04 offer more flexible application than SH02D since it can function as Internet viewed camera, but it do not offer great night vision as SH02D and image response is not as fast as SH02D. it has100ms delay than SH02D. If you do not care about night vision capability much, then I would recommend SH04 for you.

Our return policy is 30 days guaranteed money back if camera does not fit for your need. Once you send them back with shipping tracking information, we will refund the money to you. We ship to you by our cost, You send back by your cost if product is a working one but you just do not like it. If product does not working within one year, we send you replaced working one with a return label included inside. (1 Year Warranty after purchase)

Customer Question:

Thank you for your assistance.  I have one more question about the viewing range of the sh04 vs the sh02d.  I plan to place the camera at the back end of my 37" fifth wheel using the suction cup accessory.  The distance from my truck cab to the camera will be about 47" and there will not be an unobstructed line of sight between me and the camera.  Will one product work better than the other over that distance?   Do I need an extended antenna to get a signal?  If so, how much does that cost?

Swift Hitch Answer:

For distance, SH02D works better than SH04. but our field test indicates that SH04 can work well within 100 feet even there is one walls between. We do have extended antenna for SH04, which is also the compatible antenna for SH03D camera. However we do not have antenna ready to sell in the stock. We will plan it soon. Cost of extended antenna is USD12 (10 feet long with magnetic mount). My experience is that you do not need extended antenna. If it does not work, we will send one to you under our cost. 

Customer's feedback after using SH04

I bought your camera after an extensive internet search for a rear view camera that I could attach to my fifth wheel RV to assist in backing into a very tight storage space.  I did not want to buy an expensive permanent rear view camera for my infrequent use.  I have an iPhone with a nice screen so your camera was exactly what I needed.  I wrote you in February to ask questions about the SH04 and you replied with information to help me confirm my decision.  I bought the suction cup mount and I stick the camera on the top of the large rear window in my RV.
I am pleased with the clarity of the camera and the distance it covers.  I have a 35' fifth wheel and in my truck I am 50' from the camera.  I am happy that the camera is communicating with my IPhone from that distance.  Downloading the app and pairing the camera was easy.  Here are pics showing you pictures into my very tight storage spot.

Rear view camera in iPhone


Fifth wheel RV Camera in iPhone

 5th Wheel Fiberglass window rear view camera

swift hitch sh04 camera view

5th wheel camera

To know more about SH04, Please click here

Swift Hitch Wifi Camera

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