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Become A Dealer

New Swift Hitch Dealer Welcome


Notes for Potential Dealers:

Thank you for your interest in becoming our dealer.
In order to become a dealer, we prefer you to meeting following condition

  • Having a valid business license
  • Having a valid credit card
  • Buying MOQ product from us

To begin the registration process, please complete the form here.  You will then be
contacted via phone and/or email within 1 business day. We will be able to answer questions that you might have, and will also provide you with valuable information related to our dealer program. We will also need to collect some information about your business such as business license number and credit card account.  It will allow us to complete the registration process, so you can enjoy the benefits and profits of becoming a Swift Hitch® dealer right away!

Contact Us:

Email:    Tel: 617-600-8282