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About Us

Swift Hitch is the original wireless back-up camera system designed to assist anyone who has ever struggled with hitching-up any trailer or snowplow. Since 2006 the Swift Hitch's portability, reverse imaging and night vision capabilities have made this innovative product a valued tool. Swift Hitch's versatile system can be used by farmers, building and marine inspectors, and wherever an additional set of eyes can come in handy.

Swift Hitch's SH02 wireless system is NATDA (North America Trailer Dealer Association) New Product of the year 2012 Award Winner.

Swift Taillights is the original Portable Wireless Remote Controlled Taillights system designed to assist anyone who has ever needed instant taillights for any trailer or towed vehicle.

Swift Hitch and Swift Taillights both are the brands of Suntronics Technologies Inc. whose mission is to deliver productivity tools and innovative products to simplify consumers' daily activities. Suntronics takes pride in our high quality products and customer service. Our quality control and testing are done in the NC, USA. The Swift Hitch and Swift Tailights have been sold to thousands of satisfied and loyal customers.


Contact Information:

Swift Hitch – Suntronics Technologies Inc
Tel: (617) 600-8282
Address: 200 Centreport Drive, Suite 365 , Greeensboro, NC 27409