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Swift Hitch SH04 Application for Baler Watching and Horse Transporting in Horse Trailer

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Customers Requirement:

I have two specific needs. When I am driving my tractor to bale hay, I need to see the back of the baler to make sure the bales are tied properly and being thrown properly onto a hay wagon. Secondly, I want to see horses inside the trailer as we transport them. I have an IPAD, but no cell plans, nor is WIFI available in the fields/roads. Am I able to use your new camera product for those applications?? I had your original Switch Hitch product, but I found the screen too small for my needs.

What Swift Hitch SH04 can help:
Thank you very much for contacting us. According to your description, new product SH04 can meet your requirement. Camera itself will generate a WiFi hotspot, you iPad can link to it and then view the camera.  When you watch the baler, you can attach the camera with its magnetic base to the place I am pointing to and then view it in the iPad.
When you want to watch your horse in the trailer during the transport. You then attach camera to the ceiling of trailer.
Horse Trailer
You can even have the second person to watch the same camera when you load the grain in the grain trailer so that the second trailer can get ready to move on. 
However you can not use the same iPad to watch two cameras at the same time.

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