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Question: Which product package would allow me to view horses inside trailer while traveling and have a backup safety camera?

Answer: If you want to view horses via smartphone, SH04 is the choice. If you want a dedicated monitor, SH02D is the choice. If your horse trailer does not have WiFi or bluetooth build in, SH01 can be the choice as well. 


Question: What is the camera length for the sh04 including the antenna with it pointing up?

Answer: Camera length of SH04 is about 90mm, antenna is about 60mm, total length will be 150mm. 


Question: What is the part number for the J-hook accessory? Are there any other parts needed to use it with the J-hook?

Answer: Camera has universal 1/4 hole under the housing, which can screw up J-hook type accessory after unscrewing the camera base. We do not sell J-Hook now, but we have an extension pole to sell online. Below is the link for your reference. In order to use J-Hook, you do not need other part from us. 


Question: What is the STA mode for Swift Hitch SH04

Answer: SH04 works as the device having capability to connect to Internet via router


Question: What is the AP mode for Swift Hitch SH04

Answer: SH04 works as the device allowing smartphone to be linked directly.

Question: If mount camera SH02D on the bumper of my travel trailer, that is about 50 feet to the dash on the truck where the monitor will be. Will camera transmit through the truck and trailer to the monitor?
Answer:  If travel trailer is made by aluminum, extended antenna could help to bypass the obstacle between. If made by fiberglass, original camera included in the box is good enough to cover that distance. Camera with extended antenna could be found here.