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Swift Taillights ST04 - Portable Wireless Remote Controlled Taillights & Front Directional Lights

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Product Description

The Swift Taillights ST04 is designed and intended to only be used as temporary 
front directional lights (Amber Light) and rear taillight (Red Light) that can provide
a quick and easy way to display driving signals on the road, especially for the classic cars.
Drivers can mount the 2 Taillights (Left & Right) on the rear, and the 2 Front Directional
Lights (Left & Right) on the front of the vehicle they are driving, and then use the handheld
remote control to display forward, stop, left turn, right turn, reverse and emergency signals.
After their use, the Swift Taillights should be recharged for their next use.

Before installing or testing the product, please make certain that you are in a safe
setting, and that you test it completely before use. Please practice and become 
comfortable working with the Swift Taillights before actual use in an application


  • Safely Provide Directional Signals to Other Vehicles Behind (Red Light) or In Front (Amber Light)
  • Temporarily Replace Faulty Existing Taillights or Front Directional Lights
  • Prevent Scratching the Surface of Vehicle with Rubber base
  • Have Magnetic Base and Safety Strap for Quick and Easy Use
  • Provide Just-In-Case Emergency Lighting - Hazard Mode
  • Support Flashlight Mode - Bright White Light
  • Digital Communications to Avoid Interference (150 feets)
  • Fits for Classic Car, Farm Trailers & Hay Trailers, RV’s & Campers, Horse Trailers, Construction Equipment Boat Trailers with Water Damaged Wiring and Utility Trailers


  • Re-chargeable Battery with Runtime up to 6 Hours
  • LED Long Lasting Bright Red & White Lights
  • Magnetic Mount on the Back with 50lb Attaching Strength
  • Rugged Construction & Safety Securing Strap
  • Weather Resistant


  • One-Button Control of Taillight Signaling, including:
    • Stop
    • Forward
    • Left & Right Turns
    • Reverse
    • Emergency
    • Flashlight Mode
  • Detect Taillight Low Battery Level (Alerts before Running Off)
  • Re-chargeable Battery with Run Time up to 6 Hours

Product Description Parameter
System Transmission Frequency 428MHz~438MHz   @433MHz
Modulation Mode FSK
Modulation Rate 0.123Kbps~256Kbps
Non Blocked Effective Range 150 Feet (50m)
Charge Power Supply DC 12V~DC25V
Storage temperature -40°C~85°C / -40°F~185°F
Operation temperature -20°C~50°C / -4°F~122°F
Remote Controller Power Consumption 80mA
Receiving Sensitivity -85 dBm
Battery type Li-Battery 3.7V 1200mAH
Charging Current 400mA (MAX)
Charging Time Up to 4 hours
Working Time Up to 12 hours
Standby Time Up to 1  year
Weight 112g
Main Size (W × H × T) 129.5×56.3×21.6 mm
Operation humidity 85%
Front Directional Lights / Taillight Transmission Power 10 dBm
Battery type Li-Battery 3.7V 1800mAH
Quality of Red LEDs 24pcs
Quality of Withe LEDs 18pcs
Power Consumption 150mA  @ In Run mode
420mA  @ In Stop mode
380mA  @ In Reverse mode
150mA~400mA  @ In Emergency mode
Charging Current 400mA (MAX)
Charging Time Up to 6 hours
Working Time Up to 10 hours  @ In Run mode
Up to 4 hours   @ In Stop mode
Up to 4 hours   @ In Reverse mode
Up to 6 hours   @ In Emergency mode
Standby Time Up to 1  year
Protection Levels IP68
Weight 370g 
Main Size (W × H × T) Φ145×48(MAX.)


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